Getting Started with SAP Lumira

1 Introduction to the SAP Lumira Suite

  • Self-Service Business Intelligence with SAP Lumira
  • Beautiful and Customizable Visualizations
  • Changing Requirements and SAP Lumira

2 Installations and Configuration of SAP Lumira Desktop

  • Downloading SAP Lumira Desktop
  • Installing SAP Lumira Desktop
  • SAP Lumira Registration
  • SAP Lumira File Format

3 Data Acquisition

  • Data Acquisition Overview
  • Supported Data Sources
  • New Dataset Creation
  • Microsoft Excel, Text Files, SAP HANA, Universes, Retrieving Data from SAP BW

4 Data Manipulation

  • Working Modes
  • Objects in SAP Lumira
  • Calculated Objects
  • Data Actions, Filtering and Sorting Data, Multiple Datasets

5 Data Visualization

  • Building Charts in SAP Lumira
  • Charts Types in SAP Lumira
  • Filters in Charts, Visualization Gallery

6 Story Composition in SAP Lumira


  • Creating a Story, Compose Room Organization, Infographics
  • Charts Types in SAP Lumira


7 Sharing in SAP Lumira

8 SAP Lumira Cloud

9 SAP Lumira Server

10 Integrating SAP Lumira with SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1


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