Overview of SOX

Overview of SOD


Introduction to GRC 10.0

  • Difference between GRC 5.3 and GRC 10.0
  • Overview of different applications in GRC 10.0
  • Introduction to different components of GRC AC

 Installation of GRC 10.0

  • Prerequisites of GRC 10.0 installation
  • Post Installation activities of GRC 10.0
  • Configuration settings of GRC 10.0

 Access Control 10.0 Architecture

GRC 10.0 security and authorizations

  • Object level security
  • Authorization requirements
  • Access Control delivered role
  • Shared configuration settings
  • Configure the Integration framework
  • Configure shared access control settings
  • Identify Business Configuration (BC) sets

 Access Risk Analysis (ARA)

  • Creating Rule set,
  • Creating Business Process
  • Creating Risk
  • Creating Function
  • Risk analysis at user level
  • Risk analysis at role level
  • Mitigation process
  • Remediation process
  • Simulation
  • Creating Control Id
  • Assigning Control Id to Users
  • Assigning Control Id to Roles

 Emergency Access Management (EAM)

  • Managing emergency access
  • Planning emergency access
  • Types of EAM users
  • Creating firefighter, firefighter ID, firefighter controller and firefighter owner
  • Maintaining reason codes
  • Assigning firefighter controller and owner to FFID
  • Assigning FFID to FF
  • Checking FF logs

 Business Role Management (BRM)

  • Post installation activities of BRM
  • Creating a role by BRM component
  • Business role definition- technical role definition
  • Creating single role
  • Creating composite role
  • Creating Business role
  • Maintaining role owners/approvers
  • Assigning role owner to role

 Access Request Management (ARM)

  • Creating access request
  • Types of access request
  • Responding to access request
  • Designing end user personalization form
  • Comparison with CUP

 MSMP Workflow and Business Rule Framework

  • The concept of BRF+ rule
  • Process ID
  • Initiator rule
  • Agent rule
  • Routing rule
  • Creating BRF + rule
  • Maintain multistage multipath (MSMP) workflow
  • Standard process id’s
  • Linking BRF+ rule to standard process id
  • Background jobs in GRC AC 10.0

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