BPC Course Content

About the Application

  • Introduction to BPC 10.0 and overview on Components and interfaces.

Configuration or modelling

  • Technical architecture of BPC
  • BPC Admin interface navigations and terminology comparison with BI.
  • Creating Environments
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating models
  • BPC Security model and objects

EPM Add in

  • Creating EPM Add in connection
  • Features of EPM Add in Ribbon
  • Default values for Dimensions with the EPM Context bar
  • Build a sample report

Data loading

  • Creation of Transformation files, Conversion files and Data manager packages
  • Flat file data upload and BW data upload into BPC.
  • Loading Master data attributes and hierarchies and also transaction data.

Reporting and Analysis in SAP BPC

  • Developing reports using dynamic templates
  • Developing reports using EPM functions
  • Developing reports using EPM retrieve data function
  • Developing EPM Static report
  • Developing Customized report
  • Developing reports using new API

Planning in SAP BPC

  • Standard templates for input forms
  • Developing a brand new input form
  • Using the EPM Save function
  • Submitting Comments for the future reference.

Logic Scripts

  • Creating Basic Logic scripts and online execution
  • Creating logic scripts and Central execution
  • Defining logic scripts for allocation
  • Integrating Scripts and ABAP.
  • Member formulas.
  • Business process flows for planning

User Administration

  • Validating master data,
  • Adding and removing properties in a dimension
  • Configuring Audits
  • Configuring Work Status
  • Explaining transports


  • Steps in Consolidation
  • Business rules
  • Consolidation of investments
  • Journals


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